Sunday, 19 May 2013

Introducing... Teacup Wilbur

Hi All!

I am back!  Hope everyone is really good and enjoying the on/off spring weather and brighter days!
It has been some time I know but I really do think it's about right to come back to my blog.  It's been about four months since I got carried away with work, other projects etc to have time to blog and I miss it terribly so.  I am still super hectic with everything but hope I will be able to post an entry here and there about my goings on.

The first project I would like to introduce my lovely readers to is Teacup Wilbur!
This here is my sisters loving project and new business.  I have been helping her bring it to fruition and intensely working with her the last few weeks ready for the launches!  Saturday was the first of two launch events held in Pirbright, Surrey which went without a hitch.  Everyone had a jolly good time mingling, eating, drinking, buying and cooing oohs and ahhs over the displays and designs.  The little 'uns played games, laughed and ate all the sweet treats on offer. (Photos very soon)

Here's a little something from Teacup Wilbur's website to introduce themselves...

"Teacup Wilbur loves to organise a good party for little ones and grown-ups; from styling an area of your party to complete party planning, set-up and breakdown. We offer a bespoke and customised solution to suit your needs.

Our aspiration is to make your party a unique moment to remember; bringing personal touches to life and creating experiences that tell a story. It is the small details that turn a good celebration into an incredible one. With our bespoke service focused on ensuring “every detail matters”, the results will speak for themselves."

As well as telling you all about TW, what I really want to tell you all about is the upcoming launch event taking place this Bank Holiday Saturday here in London.  I shall be in attendance of course and would love to see you all there!  It will be more of the same fun and laughter, cakes and tea, amazing displays and your chance to find out a bit more about Teacup Wilbur and what they can do for you.  And if you RSVP here before the event you will even receive a free gift :D 

My involvement in all this?  Apart from the obvious of helping my sister I am the illustrator behind all the drawings you will see for the brand.  From the logo posted above to all the props you will see at their parties.  Yes.  I have picked up my pens/pencils/paint brushes again and am ecstatic to be getting back into my artist past.  I may even have some interest in a commission from another client already.  Happyhappy!

I hope to see some familiar faces there and if you really can't make this Saturday afternoon do pop along to their website!  There might just be something there for you that Teacup Wilbur can help with.  On the other hand they are always looking to work with other lovely creative people.

This is not the first and last of my come-back so see you again very soon!

Take care,
Alison xxx


TheBlackPinafore said...

Congratulations to the new businness

The Dressing Parlour said...

Thank you lovely! :)