Friday, 15 June 2012

Things are Lookin' Up!

This summer is set to be funfunfun!  Tomorrow I shall be resettling back into London living.  Yes!  After 4/5 years of living in Surrey I shall now be moving my abode back to the Big Smoke.  I have been planning this move since the end of last year but things were happening and it just got delayed.  Never the less it is all a reality now and I am all set up to make the most of this summer.  Not that I will be here the whole time mind.  I have a couple of exciting trips abroad already pencilled in but of course there will be the usual shenanigans going ons here in Old London town!

In no particular order, here are a few events I shall be attending...

This will be my first time at High Rockabilly in Spain which I am super duper excited about.  Especially since the weather hasn't been exactly 'summery' to say the least here in the UK, although I am not the biggest fan of the sun(due to the pale & interesting look I tend to keep) I do like the warmth and what it does to peoples happiness.  I shall be joining Malin and friends on this little trip to do some rockin' & rollin' in September which right now seems years away, haha.

The Chap Olympiad comes but once a year and on this particular year of the Olympics itself the event has been made double the fun by hosting a whole full weekend rather than the the usual one dayer.  Lovely Beck shall be joining myself again this year which will be my... 4th?  Along with my Chap loving friends!  Fun and games shall be had along with a tipple or two.

On this very same weekend a friend is also hosting a tiki double birthday party at her home which calls for some themed get-up.  Now, I will have to decide nearer the time whether this can actually work out.  It will be a lot of back and forth between home and destinations.  At least I have the requirements down.  Coconut bra - Check, Leas - Check, Hawaii dresses - Always Checked!

I am back there again!  I had so much fun last year I am going back for more Hot Rod watching and Hot Guys eyeing at Sweden's A-Bombers Old Style Weekend.  This little weekender will be held in August, smack bang in the middle of the two events mentioned above and my first official holiday of the year.  I CANNOT wait :D

You can read all about the frolics I had last year in these posts - 1, 2 & 3.  Yes, I actually posted three separate write ups on it.  It must be a sign of how great it was no?!

My favourite photo from last years event.

This is just a taster of things to come.  As always, things just seem to pop up which you have to attend!  Gosh... think of all the outfits I have to put together.  I am REALLY looking forward to it ;)
What are all your plans this summer lovin'?

Righto, better get back to finishing my packing. Eek!
Alison xxx

Ps. If you are reading this sis I didn't waste any precious packing time writing this up today :P

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That's such a cool picture! Love your tattoos! Nice! :)