Monday, 14 May 2012

Wearable Vintage Fashion Book - The Launch

Hey!  So I have finally got round to posting about the actual party for the book launch I helped organise for Wearable Vintage Fashion.  I know this was back in April, nearly a month ago now.  I'm really sorry for being a slow coach but I promise I have just been busy and not lazy.  Here goes...

Star of the Night

Clare & Jo with the Usherettes

Cover star in attendance!

Here is Amanda of Lipstick & Curls beautifying the Usherettes earlier on.

Hanging out with my besty... hehe

THE yummiest moist cupcakes and really inventive flavours!
Colours to match the book cover of course.

It was nice and busy and everyone was having a jolly good time :D 

The Performers...

Tricity Vogue who sang little ditties from the 20s-40s and a number of her own too.
I rather enjoyed myself watching Tricity!

Here's a video I made...

Jake Vegas with his band... and the dancing began...

My cousin Nicki came to give us support and to have a drink or two.  She insisted that we took a photo together so that she could send it to her mum, my aunt!  There I am in the book.

The book has been really successful for Jo & Clare which you can find on sale in many shops and on-line; including my personal favourite, the amazing Victoria & Albert Museum and in The Tate Modern!  How exciting is that?  I will have to pop by to see for myself soon.  There was also a wee write up on The Vintage Festival website by one of their correspondents on the launch night with a review of the book which you can read right here.

I do have something even more exciting to tell you relating to the book but I will have to keep it to myself for the moment and wait until it has been confirmed.  It would be amazing for me if it came through!

For now I leave you with a photograph of me with the book that shows off my dress that little bit better.  It's a shame that I didn't capture the back of my dress because it is a lovely backless number.  xxx

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