Saturday, 19 May 2012

My Pinterest & New Page Tabs

Do you have a Pinterest page?  I registered some time ago but never really got round to using it until recently.  Well now I am pinning like no other!  I was always one to save images off the web and have scrape books and collected things when I was little.  Nothing has really changed I guess.  I love to look at inspiring images and especially with hairstyles.  I like to try my hands at recreating them to push my skills further.  Interiors is another big love of mine as you will see when looking through my boards.

It would be great to see your pins too and exchange our ideas.  I am most certain we will like at least some of the same things ;)

You can find mine here - The Dressing Parlour Pinterest

Speaking of new things you may have spotted that I have added some extra page tabs onto my blog.  I was planning on doing this from the very start but for one reason or other just never did.  Well here it is now so please do take a look.  If you have any suggestions for other tabs from me which may interest you then do pop me a mail..  Or if you think I may like a suggested link then let me know as well.  I am open to swapping links too as long as I like what you do/sell!

I leave you here with a few of my recent pins... xxx

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