Saturday, 12 May 2012

Boppin' with JD McPherson

Last night was fun!  I went to see JD McPherson down at The Borderline; I've not been down there for years.  It was an amazing sold out show and I definitely had my dancing legs on.  It was great to get to see him play finally.  Especially since listening to his music for so long now and with it being such a happy reminder of last summer for me at some rockin' festivals.

I captured a few photos and some videos too.  Hope you don't get seasick as I was filming whilst boppin' at the same time.  I couldn't help it :P

Your Love (all that I'm missing) - Spot me just after 2mins in :) 

Country Boy

North Side Gal

On my way home with record in my handbag

Happy days! Getting to play said record when I awoke the next morning :D 

My beautiful Malin - where were you!?

If you get to go along to one of his shows I would highly recommend it. Hope you are having a lovely and sunny day too where ever you may be. xx


Salsa Von Leopard said...

Oh grrrrrrrrr..... I am so angry. Didnt even see he was to be playing in London. Now I have missed VLV and JD playing over here. Hopefully they will return soon though :(

The Dressing Parlour said...

I too wanted to head off to VLV but it wasn't meant to be :(
I'm sure he will play again soon, he was here not long ago at one of the rockabilly festivals.