Friday, 20 April 2012

What to Wear??

Well this weather doesn't help.  It's been going through phases of sun and raining sleet all day.  Having to put into consideration that you may be pelted with little frozen raindrops making your way out into the night whilst maintaining glamorous is more difficult than one thinks.

I have spent the last few hours trying to decide on my outfit for The Vintage Fashion Book Launch tomorrow evening (you still have time to rsvp).  Luckily I had thought ahead and booked myself in for a nail appointment this morning.  Good for two reasons - getting me out of bed early and having it done and out the way!

Juicy Coral to bring some sunshine into our lives!

I have laid in front of me two choices -

Option A: 30s/40s full length black velvet gown with a halter neckline baring the shoulders and a slit/keyhole down the chest area.  Now I love to indulge in glamour but is this too much and too sombre for such an event?

Option B: A gorgeous bespoke 40s two piece top and matching skirt in a lovely hibiscus tiki fabric.  My thoughts are it's too summery.

Or... thinking about it I could go for one of my gold gowns.  Either way I will let my mood decide tomorrow afternoon before I have to leave to go to the venue early to organise things.  Make sure everything is good and pretty!  Right now I have been going through my music for my slot on the decks* (ahem laptop).  As for later on tonight, it's all go with the roller set to ready my hair for it's do tomorrow.  I plan on flowing locks but again this weather is playing havoc with my plans ;)

Maybe see some of you there tomorrow! xxx

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