Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Dressing Up

Hello to you all on this bright but rainy day here in Blighty(I actually started writing this in the early evening)!  My spirits are not dampened but my shoes are getting awfully wet.  I thought I would do a little post on getting ready for the recent Wearable Vintage Book launch event since I posted a What to Wear? before hand.  From my options A, B and Or... I finally chose A.  It was rather a coincidence but us ladies all ended up in a combination of Gold and Black.  Gorgeous!

Ok, first off lets have some hair photos.  I slept in my rollers as usual and originally I was thinking of leaving my hair down with flowing waves but thought better of it due to the weather.  I was really pleased with the results and love nothing more than to play with different sets and up-dos.  I seem to create something different each time; partly due to the fact that my hair grows like a monster so never stays the same length for long.  Even if I get the length maintained I end up cutting off my perm which also affects the way my sets and up-dos turn out.  I much rather have fun creating new looks for myself anyway!

Here goes...

My right side was pinned down with three little diamanté & pearl slides pulling my hair into a forward marcel wave against my head. Curls were set down and behind my ear. 

A straight on shot where you can see the shape of the 'do' framing my face.

My left side where there was height from the front waving in and out and then kiss-curled on the end again as on the opposite side.
More curls were also pinned in behind this with the back rolled up and under to create the illusion of shorter hair. More of a faux bob one would say.

And now for the reveal...

Yes, I know this is a terrible self taken iphone photo.  I apologise and will hopefully be able to show you some better ones taken at the event soon.  Maybe someone will have some of the back of the dress as I do love it but didn't take a snap myself.

So what do you think of my event attire?  I certainly felt very glamorous and it helped to perk me up a little since I was feeling down and had a little heart to heart with my friend on the wire just earlier.  I wanted to get it out of my system before getting ready and braving the world.  No point in painting the face just to ruin it straight after.

As I am not so busty the slit down the front was very discreet and much more to my liking.  I had purchased this dress a while back off Ebay from a US based vintage seller.  The sizing is not overly big so I was able to pin it in temporarily down both sides.  The halter collar was a little low so again I pinned it up and in at the back with a lovely onyx brooch.  As for the length, well I just wore really high heels ;)

Black suede heels with gold stars!
What did I tell you about the Black & Gold theme.

I suppose I don't really do many outfit posts but I do enjoy talking through my look from head to toe.  I just need to remember to take more snaps when I am out and about because just describing what I am/was wearing without any pics is not much good to anyone.

It's almost bedtime so I should really get going.  Have a good nights sleep and I guess morning to those seeing this later on. A post about the event coming soon... xx


Anonymous said...

Hi Alison

I found you through the fabulous book: Wearable Vintage Fashion and I love your vintage style! I'm starting a new section on my vintage blog called 'Vintage Streetstyle' - would you be interested in being featured? You can see my blog here:

Hope you don't mind me contacting you like this - I can't find a contact page on your blog! Hope to hear back from you! You can reach me through the contact form on my blog!
Mary: We Heart Vintage

Jo Waterhouse said...

Hi Alison! Great post! Your hair was fab & you looked gorgeous! It was really funny how we all dressed in combos of black and gold! Thanks again for all your help with the event. Jo x

Monsterchen said...

me too i came to your blog through the book wearable vintage fashion and i have to say how much i see and read of your blog the more i´m impressed and like it! you are a style icon on its own! really love the space you created here!
love and kiss,mary

The Dressing Parlour said...

Hi Mary Lou

You are too cute! Thank you for your lovely comment and welcome to my humble blog :)

Alison x