Wednesday, 18 April 2012

It's Not so Bad to Reach 100...

Actually it's an absolute achievement!  100 years, 100%, top 100... the list goes on ;)

I feel super excited and privileged to say that I now have 100 followers!  Thank you to everyone for reading and looking at my photographs.  Thank you all for being supportive and encouraging me to continue my blog.  I have pushed myself to get involved with a lot more and the more I do the more I believe in myself.  Starting The Dressing Parlour has been a positive move to my life and I could only continue to drive myself to where I want to be.
100 Cans - Andy Warhol

I want to do a little give away for reaching 100 but am not too sure what the prize should be?  Any suggestions are of course welcome.  It will probably be some kind of vintage accessories or maybe one of my flowers that I make?  I will be sure to make a separate post on this so please do leave me a comment below :D

Take care all and thank you again,
Alison xxx


Salsa Von Leopard said...

Congratulations kitten!!!
I'm sure whatever you choose for the giveaway will be a delight :)

The Dressing Parlour said...

Thanks Doll! I'll try to think of something good. x