Sunday, 11 December 2011

Still Life with Tobias Key

A few weekends ago I had the pleasure of shooting with Tobias Key on his new project for a collection of portraits themed around the vintage scene.  Toby had contacted me via my Model Mayhem profile but I had previously seen his work before and a friend of mine worked with him so I knew I was teaming up with a professional.  He used an amazing vintage model camera, the Toyo 5x4 View and the outcome was beautiful.  It has a wonderful feel to it.  I love the contact sheet Toby sent to me.  The frames are great.

With the nature of the vintage camera I had to stay still whilst the shot was being taken hence the 'Still Life' title.  Not because I am a fruit or that sort ;)

On this shoot I wore my much beloved matching 1940s two piece which I found whilst at The A-Bombers Old Style Weekend in Sweden this summer.  You may have read my post 'A-Bombers16th Old Style Weekend... I miss you already!' about this previously but at the time I didn't want to show you the outfit with it just on a hanger because it just wouldn't do it justice.  It needs a little love with darning and seam recovery but otherwise it fits me like a glove!  The handbag is a vintage find of mine from nearly 8 years ago and it pretty much comes with me to most places.  Where would I be without it?!  For my hair I styled it in a down-turn roll at the front with a single victory roll to the back of that on a side parting.  I pulled the rest of my hair up at the back into a roll for an all over up do.

It was quite nippy on the morning but the mist gave a lovely backdrop to the setting in the woods nearby to my home.  This is my doggy walking trail actually.  On our way over we parked at the playing fields where there was a football game happening.  I must have looked out of place to them, all glammed up in the woods.  I actually nearly got hit by their ball which would not have been a good look!

Toby chose the shot of choice and scanned that in for finishing.  You can see it is much stronger and clearer than that of the contact sheet.

If Toby contacts you for his project I would highly recommend you take up the chance.  For the project itself but also to be shot on this wonderful equipment.  I hope you like the image and my beloved outfit.

Take care until next time, xxx


TheBlackPinafore said...

these photos are stunning, original look of the era

Miss Tallulah Porkchop said...

You look so gorgeous. That dress is a knock out.

The Dressing Parlour said...

Thank you ladies! I am really happy with the out come. It was hard to judge with me having to stay still and everything hehe. x