Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Publication Number Two - Oh the Excitement!

Hello lovelies!

The last six months or so has been pretty exciting for me. I seem to be up to a lot and am really getting into the swing of things again. I have a little update on the vintage style book which I shall be making an appearance in due out next year. You may have read a post I wrote at the and of August, Back in Front of the Lens - A shoot with Kate with some photographs we shot for the book. This aforementioned book has just been sent to the printers so it's all going ahead as planned. I have also been told by the author that I am featured as page one in the style section. This is awfully exciting but I am also feeling the pressure a bit! What if people don't like what they see?! OMG.

I cannot wait to see the finished result and to show the book to you all too. Another book launch to attend! The glamour of it all... Hehehe. Now I have something to show the grandchildren, as they say.

Until next time. xx

One of my personal Style Icons - Rita Hayworth
I too love a cropped top!

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