Friday, 14 October 2011

Temptation Always gets the Better of Me!

For over a year now I have been meaning to visit the local Flea, Antiques and Collectors Fair in Woking held at the leisure centre.  This Sunday I did just that with my sister; she looking for bits and pieces for her wedding and moi?  Well, as usual anything that takes my fancy.

It was a good size fair with lots to see and touch.  We spent over two hours in there where I picked up a few things but had to leave a few too.  They had everything from glass, army memorabilia, jewellery, boudoir, silver to kitchenalia, postcards, handbags and furniture.  An all-rounder I would say.  Here are a few lovely bits and pieces.

Victorian Inkwell Stand

 1920s Glass Pendent Lampshade - I love! 

Bakelite & Plastics Galour!
Note the space in the bottom right display :)

I really wanted that fruity brooch but couldn't part with the amount.

Busy Busy!

There were plenty of Ladies Pampering sets but I saw this lovely Gentleman's Grooming kit.
Perfect for slicking that hair back.

1950s Lace Corset

Now to show you some of our buys...

To ease you in I'll soundtrack your browsing with a record we picked up...
You may have to crank up that volume!

Now that the music is playing.  Tipple anyone?

Adding to my collection

What lovely compacts

All in un-used condition too!

Keep the home fires burning.

 My new little Friend

My bargain of the day at just £1... Well spent.

My buys of the day.
A 1930s Bakelite Hair dryer - An Iron Marcel Wave Tong
Found at separate stalls but both at amazing prices!

Nothing beats a good rummage around on a cold Sunday afternoon.  It was well worth a visit and no doubt I shall be back again.  My gosh I am poor now and it's only mid-month.  I really need to start setting up my own stall again at some point!  Hope you enjoyed my buys, I love them :)

Tara for now,
Alison xx


Miss Tallulah Porkchop said...

No fun if you can't get a little something for yourself.

The jewellery is divine. And the compacts... *sighs* Luckily I live on the other side of the world so I can't go on a shopping binge. :)

The Dressing Parlour said...

I know but it's so naughty when I know I shouldn't! Haha