Tuesday, 24 September 2013

There's a New Man in My Life

I am super excited to show you all the new addition to my left arm.  I have been quite excitable with the run up to my appointment with the one and only Paul Dobleman.  This guy is AMAZING!  I seriously, seriously mean it.  There has not been one piece of work from him which I have not liked.  So you can imagine how much I wanted to be tattooed by Paul.

I first came across Paul at The London Tattoo Convention two years ago.  When a friend I was there with got tattooed by Matt Howse who works at the same parlour as Paul; Spider Murphy's.  I myself subsequently also got tattooed by Matt last year when he kindly squeezed me in as I didn't get my act together to make an appointment.  They were super busy and I did push him back so I'm super grateful that he did that for me!

Coming home last night all wrapped up.

Here he is.....
He may have a girl in every port but when he's with me he's all mine!

This was Matt's work from last year's London Tattoo Convention

I seem to have a thing about tattooing on the back of my body, aside from my actual back.  First my ankle, then my neck and now my arm!  I'm not sure if I will be attending this years Convention but I'd sure love to go just to even catch this gorgeous lady...

Janet Fischietto - The 30's Circus Burlesque Lady 

Are you going to any Tattoo Conventions this year or have any ink coming up?  I always love discovering new artists.  I have a few more designs in mind on my list to have done at some point but not all of them are assigned to an artist as yet so suggestions are most welcome.

Toodles for now,
Alison xxx


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He's a beauty!

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Thank you lovely ladies. I cannot wait for it to heal!