Monday, 31 December 2012

Not Long Now... 2013


I'm just in the middle of getting ready for this evening and felt like writing a post all of a sudden.  No particular plans for tonight but let's see where it takes me!  They're always the best NYE's.  Official first day at my new flat with the guys today.  It feels like I've suddenly gained two older brothers.  Or maybe I'll be the one looking after the boys?  So excited about this space.  I've already been painting and cannot wait to get all my furniture in here to make it my own.  I may even be able to send all my shoes up from Surrey!

I've had a good 2012 with lots of projects here and there and met many new people.  For 2013 I already have plans under my belt; more features in books coming up, modeling for a couple of brands(excited) and this new abode will hopefully get me going a bit more.  Far more space to work in and I'm also living with two other creatives.  Although I've probably already been drinking too much down the pub and not enough work.  Early days yet.

I hope you all have a fabulous NYE and an even more amazing and exciting New Year to come!
I would also like to mention my amazing sister (although she doesn't really read my blog, she would rather turn a blind eye to some of my shenanigans!) who has always looked after me.  She also took the plunge and left her CEO position to start her own business at the end of this year.  All the best for your new ventures!  I have missed not having her around this Christmas.  First time ever in fact as she decided to head out to Hong Kong for a much deserved holiday.

Right.  I've eaten some pasta to help me out.  I'm gonna finish my make-up and have a pre-drink.
Have a fab night one and all :D

All the best and I shall see you all next year with more tales to tell,
Alison xxx

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