Tuesday, 18 December 2012

I Mentioned a Photo Shoot in the Summer...

Hello Hello!  Hope you are all good and looking forward to your Christmas and New Year holidays?  I myself am working the whole of Christmas with only the actual Christmas Day off.  I shall be travelling back to good ol' Surrey on the night of the Eve and back up to London again Boxing morning.  It's not too bad really as I do have four days off over the countdown to NY.  Nothing has been planned party-wise yet as I shall either be moving to a new abode or back homehome to my sisters.  I am having no luck at all with finding a new flat to move into.  It's very bad timing I know.  Shall keep you all posted as I'm sure you would like to see some party frock action; if I get some party action that is!

So I thought I would try and warm you all up a little by bringing a bit of sun (or a reminder) of the sun to your screens.  Way back in September I spent a morning in front of Satin Paula Kopczynski lens whilst I was having a holiday out in Calafell for High Rockabilly.  I met Paula the previous year when we were both at The Hot Rod Hayride.  Paula travels around to all the festivals and is constantly shooting at events, for magazines, clients and her own collection of course.  It was great fun to incorporate a photo shoot into my HR visit.

I have posted a few here for your delight but you can see more over on my Miss Cherrylicious page where you can find many other photo shoots too!  Hope you like :D

Paula has set aside a few of the images to use in her next book, hopefully out next spring/summer.  I have not seen these photographs yet but she promised she would show me them once the ball starts rolling on the creation of said book.  That's rather exciting news!

I may not be back with a post before Christmas so I will say my well wishes now.

Christmas kisses to each and everyone of you.
Have a fantastic holiday and may all your wishes come true ;)
Santa knows if you've been good...

Take care,
Alison xxxxx


Incendiary Blonde said...

These photos are beautiful! I especially like the colours in the first one.

The High feels like so long ago now - I actually recognise seeing you around there! :)

Incendiary Blonde

The Dressing Parlour said...

Hello! Oh yes I think you look familiar too. High does feel a very distant past now... Thank you for your lovely comment. Have a wonderful Christmas :D