Friday, 3 February 2012

Fishs Eddy Comes to the UK!

I am soooo happy!  I love Fishs Eddy's!  I "discovered" them (my sis knew them already) when I made my first visit to NYC a couple of years ago and spent so long in that store.  It was one of those places where I wished I wasn't travelling home by air because I had to put a lot of restrain on myself not to buy absolutely everything I loved.  Just like when I visit Sweden really :D

The original Hamptons store

I bought these back with me.  And I love them!
My pair of porcelain hands does the job and looks awfully pretty.

They are going to be in our very own and very British Liberty store; another love of mine.  You can read all about Fishs' history here which will hopefully make you love them even more if you already don't.  I just hope it will be just like it is in their New York store.  Colourful, Creative and Cheerful.

Here's a few of my favourites from their webstore...

Could your kitchen look any prettier? xxx

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