Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Miss L Fire and Ophelia Fancy does Sample Sales... WooHoo!

A little before Christmas the wonder that is Miss L Fire held a sample sale.  It's always a bad idea for me to attend a sample sale.  Especially one that lets you use your card.  Red Alert!

Here's a little look into their office.
Who wouldn't want to be surrounded by this at work?

I also finally met the lovely Sammi whom I have corresponded with via email on numerous occasions.  Pop over to her blog all about her wedding planning and general goodness.  Oh and you should definitely visit the Miss L Fire webshop as they are currently having their sale and it's worth a look or two :)

 Right.  Let's get down to business.  The shoes!
Try and guess how much these all came to?

Meet... Lila


 These I bought for my sister as part of her collection of Christmas presents.

They have the best lining and the softest leather you'll ever touch!

And finally... Issadora

Well?  What do you think?
This sample sale was one not to be missed and word on the 'street' is that they will be holding more of these this year.  I'll keep my ear out for sure!  Hope you love my new shoes.  I haven't road tested them yet but will do very soon.

Whilst I am here I wanted to tell you about another sample sale on Saturday 21st Jan, 11-6pm.  One I cannot attend due to location but I think it's worth a look if you're round that way.  Ophelia Fancy make some wonderful frillies that will make you squeal!  Read more about it on their Facebook events page.  Apparently every item will be £5 or less. 

Take care,
Alison xx

Ps. The magic number was £60.  Can you even believe that??


Miss Tallulah Porkchop said...

I am writhing in envy right now.

Thank you sooo... much for Sammi's blog link. I was unaware she had one and I just adore her style. ADORE!


Sammi said...

Thanks for the lovely post! Hope you are enjoying your shoes.

We're hoping to have another sample sale this year, just keep following the Facebook page to ensure you're informed ;)