Thursday, 3 November 2011

Bye Bye Birdie

Sunday previous I had a thoroughly enjoyable evening with my friend Kate at the NFT to catch the screening of Bye Bye Birdie as part of the 55th BFI London Film Festival.  I try and attend at least one showing as part of the festival each year and have never been disappointed.  The choices are wide and there is always without fail something that catches my eye.

Bye Bye Birdie was inspired by Elvis when he was famously drafted into the army; no doubt with girls screaming Noooooo the world over when the news was announced.  It's a musical based on the idolizing of the rock 'n' roll figure and the effects it has to ones young life.  Which hasn't changed too much years down the line really?

Made in 1963 and directed by George Sidney with a star cast of Janet Leigh as Rosie DeLeon, Dick Van Dyke as Albert F.Peterson, Ann-Margret as Kim McAfee, Maureen Stapleton as Mama Mae Peterson and Bobby Rydell as Hugo Peabody.  Kim and Hugo being the High School steadies whose lives are then complicated by one rock 'n' roll star Conrad Birdie and those around him.

The showing was to showcase the digital restoring of this wonderful film as part of their Treasures from the Archives collection.  The colours was vibrant, vivid and the sound glorious.  A job definitely worth doing and a job well done.  I would recommend the buying/renting of a dvd since this showing was a one-off.  Maybe there will be a re-release version with the restoration.  That would be an idea!  It was surprisingly funny and very fun to watch.  Lots of laughing out loud.

Telephone Hour - one of my favourite scenes from the film :)

Here's a few of the film stills worth sharing...

I loved this outfit of Kims.
It was in a bright bubblegum pink and it looked fab on the big screen.

Do you remember the episode in Mad Men where they used this as an inspiration for a Patio Cola advertisement?  I couldn't embed the video but have a look at this comparison of the Ann-Margret version against the remake in Mad Men - YouTube Link

Bye Bye Birdie opener and closing theme song

This is the Mad Men cast & crew version... Hehe

I leave you with this photograph of Ann-Margret.  Isn't she a sight to behold! xxx


Kailey said...

I LOVE Ann-Margret, so I love this post!

The Dressing Parlour said...

She is such a doll! x