Monday, 15 July 2013

Chaps & Chappettes - The Chap Olympiad 2013

Well what sweltering weather it has been here in London.  I'm sat here in my flat eating some watermelons to try and cool down and keeping myself out of the suns rays.  The air is so still and apparently it is going to continue like this for the next couple of weeks!  Amazing when I'm not working, haha.

This Saturday gone was once again that time of year where all (well most) of the chaps and chappettes of London and afar gathered together for the event that always makes it into my diary.  The one and only Chap Olympiads.  There's nothing like it.

I missed a few games this year having only turned up mid afternoon and so didn't take as many photos as I usually would.  It did mean that I spent more time with friends and less time running around.  It was a jolly good time!

Having a good catch up with the lovely Sophie.

The girls with the picnic, the strawberries and the smuggled Gin!

Something was happening with some tarts and knocking them out of the opponents cake slice.

Horse-Play... Make as you will.

My outfit for the day...
A newly acquired vintage hat from Sweden
My again new Match necklace by the fabulous Luxulite
Clear Lucite repro handbag from Miss L Fire
Cropped top from Urban Outfitters
Vintage skirt with plaited red belt
Sunnies also from same Sweden trip

This was the hats first outing and well it was quite appropriate with the sun and I absolutely fell in love with it.  And best of all... It only cost me 20kronos/£2 from the flea market at Live & Rockin' which I visited recently held in Sweden!  It's so versatile as I can adorn it with all kinds of accessories and colours to match my outfits!  Dream hat if ever I had one.

Briefcase Phalanx

Bread-roll Basketball

My attempt at a sneak photo of The Vintage News chaps at work but my parasol got in the way!

I loved that this year they had a vintage photo-booth on site!
Here I am with the gorgeous Alice :) 

The much needed said parasol put into good use.

Of course things got a little pyramidy as the event went into the night...

There were many a photographers there; professional & amateur, as well as plenty of press as usual.  It gets international coverage nowadays you know!  I had my photo taken by several people and found this lovely vibrant copy by Soul Stealer Photography.  Hope he doesn't mind my using it!

I'm already looking forward to next year.  Hope you can join me there in 2014 for what is sure to be a spectacular 10th year anniversary for the Olympiad!

Pip pip!
Alison xxx


Incendiary Blonde said...

I never manage to get round to going to the Chap Olympiad - but I definitely want to go next year!!!

The Dressing Parlour said...

Yes, come come! :D x

Ms. Falcon said...

your straw hat, hairdo and outfit are so amazing! love this look!!!