Thursday, 23 June 2011

Another year... Another Tattoo...

Well, actually it's my second tattoo of the year but the arm was started in December 2010 so it does and doesn't count ;)  Another year refers to my recent Birthday where I semi celebrated for a long weekend.  I took some days off work as I never like being 'in' as there is too much attention put on you.  I know it's nice but I really do shy away from those situations.

On the Thursday before I took time off, the lovely Thom baked me an amazing vegan chocolate cake.  I didn't get a chance to take a photograph unfortunately but he had iced an 'A' in mint coloured icing on the top and it was delish!  Thank you Thom :D

On this very evening the train that usually takes me home decided not to run as normal.  In fact, everyone was stuck at Waterloo as the whole system was down.  My poor sister was stuck in the middle and was subsequently on the train for 5 hours!  Luckily I have some good friends to call on living in London, namely Kate.  However this led to an impromptu night out to The Blues Kitchen and Gaz's Rockin' Blues where a lot of dancing was had.  We eventually put our heads to our pillows at 4am.  Yawn.  I had my tattoo appointment the very next day.

Friday came quick and I was excited for my appointment with Valerie.  I was fearing it also as I had been told by everyone how painful it would be having it on my ribs.  The most painful of all.  It was lucky then that I was pretty sleepy and was half falling asleep during the process.  Although it didn't really hurt so bad.  Or maybe I'm just brave!

This is the final result by Valerie!

This lovely hibiscus is sitting pretty on my ribs/waist area and I love it!!  The colours are so vivid and striking.  I had to take quite a close-up image which I know is not the best to show you all but rather that then flashing to everyone, hehe.

I had a quick dash home after the appointment to get ready for my night out at London Zoo for Zoo Lates as one part of the celebrations.  This is actually part of a celebration of a trio as myself and two of my girl pals have birthdays near each other and we decided to do something together.  We are a little gang!

The New Penguin Beach at feeding time.
Danger Danger!

We sipped Pimms whilst watching the animals and ate some yummy food before browsing in the Zoo Shop.  Unfortunately we couldn't join in with the Silent Disco as it was packed!  Even in the downpour!

A Shakey pic of me and my sis with some churros in hand.
End of the night... things went wild!

On Saturday I had a surprise instore for me by my girls.  All I knew was I had to meet at Green Park tube station for 1pm dressed in a childhood inspired outfit.  Ooh...

First stop - Fortnum & Masons for breakfast. Yum!
Indulgent, moi?

My Sundae Girls!
Jaana, Beck and Kate all ice-creams in hand.

The Slutwalk also happen to pass by our window view as we indulged.
1000s of people marched on in front of the Royal Academy.

There were also these fab candles at F&M (if anyone is still thinking of buying me a pressie)

On our walk through Hyde Park we also spotted the Nude Cyclists.  For some reason, I do not have photos of them.  Must have been so in the moment I didn't even think to... Hehe.  We stopped off at a couple of exhibitions and then spent the rest of the afternoon in the park reminiscing, looking forward and talking about life and boys.  The evening was dinner in a nice pub with a doctor as our waiter.  Not too bad.

I opted for a more 60s inspired attire on the day as it felt much more playful and childlike as requested!

Fast forward to Tuesday where I had a family thing.  Dinner at a yummy Korean restaurant with their traditional sizzling hot plates.  Double Yum!

Marinated chicken and pork and a seafood platter.  It wasn't all for me, there were seven of us I promise!

My Birthday got a little bit stretched out to say the least.  Oh well, still a day trip to come as the 2nd part to the trio's celebrations!  Shall report back on that no doubt. xxx


Salsa Von Leopard said...

wow. your tattoo is so beautiful miss. Was it the lovely Valerie Vargas that did it? It really is gorgeous xx

The Dressing Parlour said...

Thank you Bella! Yes it was the talented Valerie's work on me again. She's amazing! Do you have any from V? xx

Salsa Von Leopard said...

No but i do want something done by her most definately. Everything i have seen by her is great. I have an idea of what i want by her, just need a little more saving money time :D

The Dressing Parlour said...

And sometimes I wonder why I have no money!

She is worth saving for. I already have another piece in mind for V but I shall take a break for now. x